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April 28, 2009

I thought this is needed for us to learn about.  It's something we are looking to upgrade our website with.  Basically, this service will update you whenever your favorite website adds new content.  Read this cool article from one of WOL's Etransfer Resource Newsletters. PMike 

This month, we are going to highlight one specific technology associated with Social Media that could revolutionize the way that you think about the internet. We are talking about RSS. The internet is really big, and there is a lot of information out there. I don’t think any of us have enough spare time to read all of the blogs, articles and news sites that interest us. RSS is designed to save you time. Rather than going out to find new articles and posts, RSS brings those posts to you. No searching, and browsing = saving you time. There are two simple steps to taking advantage of RSS:

1.) Download a "reader". A Reader is a software program that gathers all of the news, articles and posts that are important to you. There are several different kinds.

Look here for some examples.

2.) Subscribe to your favorite blogs and websites. Go to the site that you’d like to read, and look for a link that says subscribe, or the standard RSS icon. (like this

If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of RSS and what it is, Check out this article:

) From there, it should be a simple one click matter of subscribing so that your favorite blogs & websites come to you, rather then you having to go to them. What is RSS? Or watch the Common Craft video RSS in Plain English.

If this is something you are interested in contact me, Pmike

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