WOL Redemption Team to visit Bethel

December 8, 2015

Let Us Adore    A Christmas Worship Experience

The Redemption Team is a group of six college age men and four college age women that have taken a year or two away from their college campuses to tour full-time for Word of Life.  The Redemption team exists to bring glory to God by representing Him in music, dram, worship, and all other types of ministry by doing what they do with passion, purity and excellence.  Their message is the life-changing message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  

The Christmas program will feature, Christmas Worship, Traditional and Contemporary Christmas music, scripture reading, a children's section, drama, and media.  There were be a clear presentation of the Gospel.  

Come celebrate with the team and worship with them.  

Wednesday, December 9th @ 6:30pm.


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