Mission impossible

By Sherry Bouquet

December 11, 2017

It is mind blowing that over 300 prophecies were fulfilled in the coming of Christ. Let’s take some of those prophecies and see how they play out on the personal level.

Born of a virgin. Sounds impossible, right? Well now, let’s think about what would have to happen for that prophecy to be for filled. A young woman who had never known a man would become pregnant. In a culture who would rather stone her to death than imagine that a prophecy had just been fulfilled! (Which is exactly why her betrothed was willing to put her away privately simply to spare her life.)

Now, let’s ponder that further. This young woman is being asked to risk her life, in addition to the public shame and condemnation of her family and her community, in order to follow God. I dare say that none of us have come to this brink of that reality in order to follow the command of God. She truly had a reason to believe that this was impossible.

All her life she had been raised on the words of the Old Testament and the impossible things that God had done. She would have also been schooled in the prophecies that needed to be for filled for the Messiah to come. From that depth, that reservoir of Truth, she was able to draw upon the strength of God and acknowledge that she was a willing servant.

What is your impossible? There are a few lessons for us all here. Do we daily invest in that reservoir of Biblical truth which produces strength? Are we aware of what it is that God can do through us? As you look at that impossible thing today take the word apart and remember the words of the Messiah in Matt. 19:26, “With God all things are possible.” God is in the business of taking what looks impossible to us and showing us that He says “I am possible and whatever I have given you to do is possible through Me.”



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