The lesson in Hanukkah

By Sherry Bouquet

December 14, 2017

Day 14

Hanukkah has begun. Do you imagine that this story of God’s provision helped Mary to be willing to trust God for the impossible. She would have been raised on this story from her childhood.

In brief, the miracle played out when the Greeks were determined to extinguish the Jewish people and their ways beginning about 200 BC. The temple was completely desecrated by the Greeks.

The family of the Maccabees began the battle of resistance and against all odds were winning one skirmish after another. Finally the Jews regained control of the temple. They relit the temple lamp with what little oil they had. Expecting the oil to last only one day they witnessed a miracle as God kept the oil burning for eight days until oil was brought back from the land of Galilee.

This miracle of God is remembered right now as Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. How much time have you spent recounting the works of God in his Word? Will God’s work in the past inspire you today to trust him for the impossible? The challenge that lies before you is not greater than the God who lives within you

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