Adult Classes

  Sunday Morning Classes  
Class Title Description of Class 


Meeting Room

The Timothy Project 

For young adults (college age and over) and those who are young at heart.  We meet to study God's word and to encourage each other.         1 Timothy 4:12

 Right Front Auditorium

Former Amish men and women or some who work with former Amish

  MAP Building
The Dwelling Place 

For couples with small children who are interested in raising them according to God's Word.  John 1:14, Psalm 91

 Room 100
Titus II Women 

Adult women are welcome to join this group as we support, serve, and encourage each other in our daily walks with Christ.  We hope to be a place where women grow spiritually and gain lifetime friendships.  This group meets off site for fellowship o a monthly basis.    Titus 2:3-5

 Room 101

Marriage Builders

  Men and women in their 30s, 40s & 50s.  Fellowship Hall


  Senior Saints Class Chapel


 Discovering Church Membership.  This class is offered sometimes twice a year, depending on participants.  TBA



 Wednesday Evening Classes 
Class TitleDescription of ClassMeeting Room
Men's StudyMen of various ages come together to study God's Word. Room 104
Women's Study Women of various ages come together to study God's WordRoom 100
Bible Study Men and Women meeting together to study God's Word. Room 102
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