Women's Ministry




Bible studies:


9:30-10:30am Women’s Sunday School class

Contact Deb Strong at dsjc4@zoominternet.net or the church office


Wednesday nights

Class starts at 6:30pm-8pm.  Come join and fellowship with us. Currently we are studying prayer and the different types of prayers we can pray.  


Friday mornings

10:00am-12 then go to lunch

Contact Carol Gess at jcgess@zoominternet.net or the church office


Ministry model.

Ministry model

Mission statement: 

To focus and grow women in their relationship with God and each other. 

Focus: Women of worth and worship, is a woman of the word.

Word, Worth, Worship, Walk, Work

The ministry will seek to engage 5 main  themes in different ways to meet needs of different women. Example,

1.) Bible studies. Purpose: Evangelism, discipleship, worship, prayer.

2.) Monthly/bimonthly gatherings. Purpose: Build relationships, encouragement, evangelistic outreach, service.

3.) Half day/weekend Refreshers (1-2 times a year) Purpose: Intentional discipleship and mentoring, worshiping together.

4.) Weekly outreach and mentoring contacts. Purpose: Nurture women in their walk and in their area of ministry.

5.) Working together to serve others. Purpose: Showing Jesus through actions together.



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