Women's Ministry




Bible studies:


9:30-10:30am Women’s Sunday School class

Contact Deb Strong at dsjc4@zoominternet.net or the church office


Wednesday nights

Class starts at 7:00 for the summer.  Come join and fellowship with us.  We are reading through the book Praying through the names of God. By, Tony Evans. Learn more about who God is. You can order a book online, or through our church office. 



Friday mornings

10:00am-12 then go to lunch

Contact Carol Gess at jcgess@zoominternet.net or the church office


Ministry model.

Ministry model

Mission statement: 

To focus and grow women in their relationship with God and each other. 

Focus: Women of worth and worship, is a woman of the word.

Word, Worth, Worship, Walk, Work

The ministry will seek to engage 5 main  themes in different ways to meet needs of different women. Example,

1.) Bible studies. Purpose: Evangelism, discipleship, worship, prayer.

2.) Monthly/bimonthly gatherings. Purpose: Build relationships, encouragement, evangelistic outreach, service.

3.) Half day/weekend Refreshers (1-2 times a year) Purpose: Intentional discipleship and mentoring, worshiping together.

4.) Weekly outreach and mentoring contacts. Purpose: Nurture women in their walk and in their area of ministry.

5.) Working together to serve others. Purpose: Showing Jesus through actions together.



We are on a mission to repaint, remodel and modernize the toddler room. If you would like to volunteer, please talk to Sherry Bouquet or Holland Speck. 


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