SERVE Savannah

What is SERVE? 

SERVE is a mission of the local churches to complete service projects for the community of Savannah and Bailey Lakes. We believe that the heart of the church is not just to stay contained in its walls but to take the church to the community. That is what SERVE seeks to do for our community! 

When is SERVE?

  • Serve the Community is August 7th & 8th


  • Serve the School is August 17th & 18th



How will be serving? 

We will be reaching the community with yard work and cleanup, painting, deep cleaning, and beautification.  

How to get involved? 

1. We are searching for Businesses and people who are willing to sponsor or donate to the SERVE projects so that we can serve the community at no cost to those needing help. 

2. Apply to be a Volunteer! We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping with the service projects on either Friday, Saturday, or both! 

3. We need people to refer people who they believe could benefit from having a SERVE team come to their home.

What if I need a SERVE team?  

Start by filling out this Application Sheet. On this sheet, you will be able to outline your needs, and then one of our inspectors will come and see if your project is one our team can take on. 

(Note: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to get to every project given to us.) 


Have Questions?