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At Bethel, it is our desire that our youth know that they are not just tag-alongs at their parent’s church, but in fact they are the Church. The world in which we live is constantly changing, and teenagers are facing pressures which are unique to them. Because of that, the main goal of our youth ministry is that our youth would know that their foundation is secure in a God who never changes (James 1:17). With that foundation secure, our next focus is on teaching them about their identity, meaning who God created them to be (Galatians 2:20). So, we teach them to know God, whose image they bear (Genesis 1:27). The ways we help our teens know Christ is teaching them the Christian disciplines (prayer, scripture reading, & scripture memory), strengthening, and encouraging their faith (camps, conferences & Christian service), and partnering with their parents to help them live like Jesus in every life situation. Our goal is to strengthen their faith so they will truly understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
How do we do that?
Wednesday Night Youth Group
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM @ Bethel Baptist Church
On Wednesday Nights our goal is to study the Word of God, enjoy community, and have fun!
 Teaching the truth of God's word
 One-on-One discipleship with Godly men and women
 Promote Biblical disciplines for life and Godliness
 Equip youth with opportunities and resources for effective ministry
 Provide them with a safe space to be vulnerable with us and one another.
We strive to offer our kids ways where they can put their faith into practice. Here a few of
those opportunities:
 Evangelistic Events
 Summer and Winter Camps
 Life Groups
 Service & Leadership Opportunities

When we Meet

Sunday school

Wednesday Nights

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