Sam Kline

Family: (Wife) Ann

Position and Responsibility:  Co-Chairman of the Deacon Board



Zane Gross

Family: (Wife) Debbie

Position and Responsibilities:                     Co-Chairman of Deacon Board (Zane), Financial Clerk (Debbie)

Related Business: (Zane) Co-Owner of WENCO




Eric Abel

Family:  (Wife) Christy, Children: Hope, Megan & Isaac

Responsibilities:  Deacon

Related Business:  The Harbor

Primary Email:



Jerry Gess

Family: (Wife) Carol

Position and Responsibilities:  Deacon



Glenn Gray

Position and Responsibilities:  Deacon & Building Operations Manager



Gordon Hamm

Family (Wife): Ducia, Children:  Emily

Position & Responsibilities:  Deacon



Travis Kline

Family: (Wife) Katie, Children:  Addison, Kinsley, Paxton

Position & Responsibilities:  Financial Officer



Brian Ralich

Family: (Wife) Kim, Children:  Emily & Alayna

Position & Responsibilities:  Deacon



Mike Simme

Family: (Wife) Jeanette, Children:  Jack

Position & Responsibilities:  Deacon



Nick Stuart

Family: (Wife) Monica, Children:  Sarah, Katie, James, Noah, Ivy (Exchange student from Japan)

Position & Responsibilities:  Recorder for the Deacon Board

Related Businesses:FRAME

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