Welcome to Bethel Baptist Church

Bethel is an evangelical local church of Ashland County that is located in Savannah, just north of Ashland and Bailey Lakes.  We also have members  from New London, Greenwich and Sullivan.   We are a warm church family with a kid friendly atmosphere.  Bethel's outreach ministries are local, national and global with a firm foundation of Bible-Believing roots.  Visit our Bible Studies and see first hand our youth (nursery, toddler, elementary and teens) and adult ministries.

We Believe In... 

  • Mission impossible Mission impossible is mind blowing that over 300 prophecies were fulfilled in the coming of Christ. Let’s take some of those prophecies and see how they play out on the personal level.
  • Light of the... storage closet? Light of the... storage closet? Our advent journey this week through prophecy and light reminds me of a wonderful allegory written by Max Lucado in his book God Came Near. Light of the Storage Closet is a mythical conversation between three candles in a storage closet. Two of them