USA Based Ministries

Ashland Pregnancy Center    Melanie Miller
Ashland County's Pregnancy Resource Center

Ashland Christian Health Center     Cheryl Benway                                  Medical center for underserve and needy

     Fostering Family Ministries         Sherry Bouquet


Transformation Network     Ann Kline
Tired of the traditional approaches to Job Training. No one does what we do.

Donna Lou Merrill

Evangelist Randy and Tricia Merrill
local church crusades

Awana USA
Marlin and Donna Fuller

Christar Mission Agency
Home office support

Mission to the Amish People       Joe Keim

Bethel Youth

World Team USA

Word of Life Fellowship
Administrative Leadership & Fields of the World

Word of Life
Butch and Lesi Jarrell, Brazil, Amazon River Ministry

Word of Life
Steve & Sue Oswald, North East Ohio and Western PA                                                                                                                                                           



Global Impact Partners

Local Church planting – Nicaragua

Association of Baptist for World Evangelism
Local Church planting – Japan

Baptist Mid-Missions
Local Church ministry to the Jewish community of Cleveland, Ohio
Local Church planting – Brazil

Baptist International Missions Inc.
Local Church planting – Phillipines
Local Church planting – Dominican Republic

Pray for Peace of Jerusalem
Ministries to people of the Middle-East
Ministries to Russian Immigrate in the Middle East

Christian Association International
Local Church planting – Scotland

Faith Christian Missions, Inc.
Local Church planting – Spain

Heralding Christ Jesus Blessings, (HCJB)
Local Church planting – Ecuador

Independent Church Planters
Local Church planting – Nigeria, Western Africa

Team International
Local Church planting – Czech Republic

Titus International
Local Church planting – Romania

United World Mission, Inc.
Local Church planting in the 10/40 window

Word of Life Fellowship, Inc
Kenya, East Africa, Nigeria, West Africa, South Korea

Wolfes for the World    
Uganda, Africa


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