Student Ministries

   We live in a world of constant change, something that was true today may be outdated by tomorrow. One thing that has been true forever is that people are searching for their identity. That is especially true about the youth today, they want to know their purpose in life, and why they are here on earth. At Bethel we are passionate about the youth of today knowing Christ and finding their identity in Him! (Gal. 3:27-28) The way we help our teens to know Christ more, is teaching them the christian disciplines (prayer, & scripture reading), strengthening and encouraging their faith (camps, conferences & missions trips), and patterning with their parents to help them live like Jesus in every life situation. Our goal is to strengthen their faith so they will truly understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. 

How Do We Do It

Wednesday Night Youth Group 

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Bethel Youth Room

Understanding God's word and developing a Biblical philosophy of ministry, our goal is to have a solid game-plan to minister to our youth. 

  • Teaching the truth of God's word 
  • One-on-One discipleship with Godly men and women 
  • Promote Biblical disciplines for life and Godliness
  • Equip youth with oppurtunities and resourses for effective ministry
  • Provide them with a safe space to be vulnerable with us and one another. 


   We are strive to offer our kids ways where they can put their faith into practice. Here a few of those opportunities: 

  • Evangelistic Events 
  • Summer and Winter Camps 
  • In home Bible studies 
  • Mission Trips 
  • Leadership opportunities (VBS) 






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Colleges we Support and Have Relationships with:

Cedarville University - Cedarville OH
Clark Summit University  Clarks Summit PA
Word of Life Bible Institute- Pottersville NY
Liberty University - Lynchburg VA
Appalachian Bible College - Bradley WV
Moody Bible Institute - Chicago IL

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